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Home training. Revolutionized.

Meet Rflex 2
Introducing Rflex
Perfect every movement with Rflex, our interactive fitness mirror. Our coaches guide you while you follow your reflection.
One Membership for all
The Mentra membership
A world of workouts. For all levels. Any time. Live and on-demand, or with your PT. One membership for the entire family.
Redefine your workout. Redefine your glutes.
Yoga, cardio, strength and dance - we have all you want!
How to get started?
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How to get started?

It’s not just a membership, it’s a community.

Move with your friends and family, or get inspired by others in the community.

Paula Rosas




Don't just take our word for it.

Janka Polliani, 42
"For me workout is a lifestyle, and to incorporate it in my everyday life has never been easier."
"Will revolutionize digital training."
Mona Berntsen, 31
"The mirror fits me perfectly as an addition to my other workouts, as I can do it whenever I want and can squeeze in extra workouts or recovery sessions."
Julie, 30
Mentra member
"I’m not just buying a screen or a new tech gadget, I’m investing in better habits."
Paula Rosas, 27
"The best thing with Mentra by SATS Rflex fitness mirror is that I can work out in my own safe place, on my terms."
What does Rflex cost?
One price for the entire family
Choose between monthly payments or pay 12 990 kr upfront.
Rflex monthly from*
469 kr
For a family of four*
117 kr each
Mentra membership of 349 kr/month is paid separately. Special offer for SATS members.
* Calculation: Total amount of payments is 16 889 kr and effective interest rate is 19.48% for this payments plan. Annual interest 18,9%, setup fee: 0 kr, administrative fee: 0 kr/mo
What does Rflex cost?
Want to see the future of home training?

Want to see the future of home training?

Let us show you how it works.