A brand new fitness experience.

How Rflex works

  • With our new digital fitness mirror you get immersive and interactive workouts - right in the convenience of your home.
  • Through Rflex, you get access to hundreds of on-demand workouts, live classes and PT sessions - when it suits you.
  • Our hand-picked coaches give you workouts from 10 minutes up to full fitness programs. Choose from strength, cardio, dance and yoga - for all levels.
  • In addition to Rflex, you need a Mentra membership to enjoy all of our content. Work out at home with friends and family, track your progress and much more!
Work out with the best coaches.

What does Rflex cost?

Work out now. Pay over time.

Pay all at once or pay per month. Choose what suits your budget!

Mentra's Christmas campaign

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What does Rflex cost?

How much is a membership?

One price for the entire family

Mentra membership for up to five household members. No binding period. Special offer for SATS members.

Mentra membership

349 kr/month

SATS member? Pay

199 kr/month

SATS all-inclusive members pay 0 kr/month.

How much is a membership?