From Mentra by SATS to SATS Online

We changed our name to SATS Online

With a new look and name, we strengthen the association with SATS for both our new and old members! Enjoy all the same Mentra of SATS features in the training app under our new name - SATS Online! Unfortunately, we have stopped selling the Rflex training mirror, but we will support if needed, those who have bought the training mirror for five years from the date of purchase.

  • Which SATS members get free access to SATS Online?

All existing SATS members with regional and group training, or higher, get free access to SATS Online from 20/12-22. You can register on SATS Online and use the same e-mail that you use to log on to SATS.

  • I want to have access to SATS Online, but I have no region or group training in my membership. What do I do?

You buy SATS Online access with a special SATS membership price.

  • What about existing SATS members who pay for Mentra?

If you have regional and group training in your membership, or higher access, you want SATS Online included. If you do not have this, you continue to pay per month.

  • Why should Mentra/SATS stop selling Rflex training mirrors?

Sales of Rflex have not been satisfactory and therefore not a product we will continue to sell. SATS will continue to have a wide and good digital training offer and for those who have bought the Rflex mirror.

  • What happens to the warranty?

There is no extended warranty on Rflex, but you will have 5 years warranty from the date of purchase.

  • Will new content be added to Rflex in the future?

The content is alive and updated regularly based on season, rights, popularity and production. We do not have a certain number of hours to be produced per month or year.

  • I want to return my Rflex mirror, and have a 30-day right of return. How do I do it?

If you want to use the return right, you contact Member Service and we will handle the transport of the product and refund the money. For more questions, contact Member Service.