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Learn more about the different forms of yoga and all the health benefits

Yoga is a great form of exercise, whether you do it at home or in the park – but are you familiar with the best-known forms of yoga and the health benefits you get from doing them? Learn more about this popular form of workout from our proffesional yoga coaches.

Published 18. May 2022 by Mentra by SATS

Practicing yoga regularly and purposefully is bound to improve your quality of life.

– Halat Sophie Askari

5 reasons for doing yoga

Yoga will affect your well-being positively if practiced on a regular basis. We do yoga for innumerable reasons: stress reduction, strength, increase of flexibility, enhanced balance, better grip on yourself and experience of spirituality. The benefits of yoga are many:

1. Overall improved quality of life

2. Reduced stress and anxiety

3. Better understanding of one's own body and how it works

4. Increased immune response

5. Better sleep quality

No matter what form of yoga you're doing common denominators are always presence, movement and breathing, all of which can give you improved consciousness of your own body and complete harmony of body and mind. We offer various forms of yoga, ranging from the vey dynamic where all positions are woven into flowing sequences, to yoga with soft movements done sitting or lying on the mat. Anyone can practise yoga in any given form. If you can breathe, you can do yoga.

Get a taste of the various forms of yoga

Below you'll get an introduction to the various forms of yoga and what they are good for, and a taste of recommended classes that you can find in the Mentra by SATS app. And by the way: very little workout equipment is required!

Hatha Yoga

A classic form suitable for most people. Doing Hatha yoga you practise basic yoga positions combined with breathing techniques. It aims at finding inner balance by training your physical body. Movements are done very softly and positions last longer than in more dynamic forms of yoga and tempo is slower. Hatha yoga is simply for every level and age!

Try Christian's "Balanced Hatha" here.

Vinyasa Yoga

An entertaining and creative form of yoga with no fixed sequences. Breath and movements are coordinated in a dynamic flow of various positions. The classes vary in intensity and structure, and is perfect for anyone who wants variation every time. Vinyasa is a playful form of yoga. It will make you more flexible and strengthen your entire body. And it's so much fun!

Try Eilin's "Yoga for your shoulders" here.

Ashtanga Yoga

A dynamic and physically challenging form of yoga. You follow a series of fixed exercises where the connection of breath and movement is central. This form is perfect for anyone who wants energetic and a bit tough exercise enhancing strength, endurance and flexibility. If you have strain injuries in the neck, shoulders and arms, we recommend that you choose a softer yoga, such as Hatha or Yin yoga.

Try Halat's "Ashtanga flow for beginners" here.

Power Yoga

An athletic form of yoga where you move quickly from one position to the other. There is a variation in flow and some positions are held longer. You build up strength, become more flexible and work on your endurance. Power yoga is for anyone who wants a solid workout and a real energy boost.

Try Halat's "Hips & twists" here.

Yin Yoga

An easy and soft form of yoga that gives you flexibility and peace of body and mind. All is done while sitting or lying and all positions lasts 3-5 minutes allowing your body to relax when needed. Yin yoga is good for relaxation of muscles, connective tissue, nervous system, and - not to forget: your very own thoughts. It suits anyone and is a must if you feel stiffness or your body hurts. It will renew your energy and help you to unwind.

Try Bjørn's "Yin yoga – The big 5" here.


MediYoga is a soft, therapeutic form of yoga. It's simply good for anyone! Here you can perform the exercises sitting or lying on your mat or sitting in a chair. All exercises are simple, easy, soft with slow movements. Exercises are done in time with quiet breathing and exercises in concentration. When performing MediYoga, exercises and your breath will make you relax and the circulation in your body increases. Through focusing on easy breathing your nervous system relaxes and stress will be reduced to a minimum. These exercises will also make your joints and muscles more mobile and flexible. Learn more about the popular form of yoga here.

Try Alexandra's "Mediyoga – Better sleep" here.


Meditation is simple and the benefits are astonishing. It is a mental exercise in which your attention consciously is directed towards sound, feeling, thougth or sensation. We have various forms of meditation but they all affect your presence of mind, your concentration, control of stress and consciousness positively.

Try Christian's "Anxiety release" here.

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