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Get to know some of Mentra's hand-picked coaches. Learn more about their background and how they will help you to reach your fitness goals.

Published 3. December 2021 by Lars Lima

Peter Salia Bao


Pete is an experienced former British youth athlete and former competitive runner.​ This positive and motivating coach is here to ensure you reach your training goals, and to inspire you to have a healthy and mindful life - to be the best version of yourself.​

Vibeke Klemetsen ​

Vibeke Klemetsen

Vibeke has extensive experience in yoga. She has spent a lot of time in India and is authorized by Sharath Jois himself. With her expertise and love for Ashtanga yoga, Vibeke hopes to inspire others to do yoga regularly and thus experience the same joy and effect.​

Scott Owen

Scott Owen

Scott is a keen sportsman and delivers high intensity cardio sessions with full body strength movements. He’ll motivate and support you through the hard sessions and help you embrace your fitness journey with clear instructions. Scott believes everybody can enhance their lifestyle through fitness.​

Ida Maria Josefine Eriksson

Ida Eriksson

Ida is a former Swedish professional dancer. With great passion she specializes in pre- and postnatal training working only with woman in her work as a PT. Ida is passionate about helping women to a better life. With expertise and love for training Ida motivates and guides you to a healthier and happier lifestyle.​

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