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Physical activity is more important than ever!

– And it only takes you 30 minutes!

Published 13. June 2022 by SATS

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With all the knowledge we have today about how important physical activity is for both body and mind, one would think everyone chose to live physically active lives. That's not the case. The majority of Norwegians are either completely inactive or not active enough to get a health benefit.

With just 30 minutes of physical activity each day, you achieve great benefits for both your physical and mental health. As little as one walk a week can prevent depression, and just four minutes of physical activity gives you increased focus for one hour afterwards!

How to get started:

Set a goal

The chances of success are higher if you have a plan, and to succeed, it is important that the plan is possible to implement. That is why we recommend the small, achievable goals rather than the big ones. Here we actually have a lot to learn from top athletes; they focus on the little things all the time to keep improving.

So instead of having a big goal to overcome, you can set yourself a goal of just managing 30 minutes of activity each day. These 30 minutes can be divided throughout the day: ten minutes in the morning, ten minutes during lunch and ten minutes in the afternoon. That's not impossible to achieve, is it?

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Be "everyday active"

For some, the words "working out" can be frightening, as if you already feel you can't meet the expectations in terms of quantity, intensity and knowledge. But remember that you don't have to train hard to be physically active. It is simply a matter of being everyday active and everyday smart.

The best tip is as simple as it is effective; make movement necessary in your everyday life!

You can easily fill out the list below by thinking about how you move between activities during the day:

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Make an appointment

It is often easier to carry out a workout session when you have made an appointment with others. Now that many of us are sitting at home office, why not make an appointment with a neighbor, or friend to meet for a little walk? Kickstart the day with a "good morning walk"!

Many of us also set common goals with others, be it a weekly challenge with a friend to take 20 situps every day. Send each other an update on Snapchat or a message: "20 situps: done!". Most of us have a touch of competitive instinct and it is a perfect way to challenge each other in a fun and effective way.

Smart tips for the home office

In the office, there are often natural breaks when you go to and from meetings. You stand and talk to colleagues on the way to the coffee machine and you go together for lunch. These natural breaks disappear when you sit alone in your home office, but even at home you should get this type of mini-breaks and here are some simple and effective tips:

And by the way: home office doesn't just have to be negative - many of us actually save quite a bit of time when we do not have to go to the office and back home. What if you put in the time spent on the way to work in the morning, and use it for some physical activity? Book time for yourself and your health - it is the best investment you can make!

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"Sterk hjerne med aktiv kropp", Ole Petter Hjelle

"Sterk hjerne med fysisk aktivitet", Ole Petter Hjelle