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SATS introduces a brand-new concept for at-home training

Online offers for at-home training have been available for some time, but they have not always been as effective or easy to implement in a good way. With Rflex fitness mirror from Mentra by SATS, interactive home training takes the definitive step into the future.

Published 17. November 2021 by Mentra by SATS

Rapid development in the industry

Home training is in the wind. The technology that will make home training easier and better is in rapid development - as it often is when industries are forced to think new. Now the tools are getting better thus making at-home training even more effective.

Working out can be both time and resource consuming, and finding a place for it in a hectic everyday life is challenging. But with Mentra by SATS's new investment in interactive home training the road to the ideal workout will be much shorter.

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Quality training in the living room

With the Rflex fitness mirror you get the training quality SATS is known for at home in the living room. You can work out alone or with others and receive guidance from some of the most experienced coaches in the industry - all in full size.

– With Rflex, you get "coaching" of the highest quality just where you are. It facilitates consistency, one of the most important prerequisites for success with your fitness goals, says personal trainer Scott Owen. 

He believes that short, effective workout sessions at any time also make consistency much easier to maintain. Workout sessions can be done in the course of time it previously took you to travel to and from the gym. 

– The motivation to complete a workout session is easier when the experience is entertaining while maintaining high professional quality, he says.

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During the summer and autumn, the public has already had Rflex tested. Mentra by SATS sees that people are getting involved, and that more people are willing to try out good and effective forms of exercise that they may have had a higher threshold for testing out earlier.

– When we have been out and tested, we see for example that men who previously might not have wanted to try yoga now let it be a natural part of their everyday lives and feel the benefit of it. So, it turns out that Rflex both broadens one's experiences while opening new doors to people. It is exciting to see that you have the opportunity to lower the threshold quite significantly when it comes to training methods and accessibility, says Christian Øvregaard, Head of Mentra.

A training offer that never stops growing

Having Rflex in the living room enhances  the quality of your workout and for most people. According to Mentra by SATS, it will continue to grow in the time to come.

- When the mirror is turned on, you get access to a large and varied training offer, such as strength, fitness, yoga and meditation –  just to mention a few. This offer will continue to expand, at the same time as the interactivity and gamification elements will be further developed and expanded, says Øvregaard.

You can already join live classes, where you can see who else is in the class. In addition, new classes are produced daily that are added to the workout library so that you can choose from hundreds of workouts from Mentra by SATS, to be performed at your convenience.

When the mirror is turned off, Rflex looks like an elegant piece of furniture. This allows people to place it more prominently in their home. This way you do not have to store the exercise equipment in a basement or in a bedroom.

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Effective training for an effective everyday life

Carrying out effective training sessions from home will thus be far easier. Rflex solves many of the challenges associated with traditional at-home training.

– The challenge with at-home training for many has probably been that it is difficult to push oneself to the maximum when working out at home in the living room, and that it is has been difficult to check that exercises are done correctly. Without the social aspect of the training and personal feedback, a lot is lost, according to Øvregaard.

Rflex from Mentra by SATS aims to meet all these challenges. At the same time, they now have a first rate training offer for those who for various reasons have stayed away from the gyms, who do not have the opportunity to use them, or have not been able to work out as effectively at home as they would have liked. Effective and personalized quality training will thus be available to everyone.

With full-scale coaches, it becomes easier to do exercises correctly. You will also be able to get detailed personal feedback by working out live with a personal trainer or via a heart rate monitor.

– One of the many advantages of the mirror is the size. When you watch the exercises in full figure it becomes easier both to see the instructions properly and to check that you do the exercise correctly yourself. Doing the exercises correctly is one of the most important things you do to ensure effective training, according to Christian, head of Mentra.

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The way forward

Rflex is Mentra's first product and SATS's new investment in products in the connected fitness category. That is, physical hardware products that you connect to, preferably with a heart rate monitor. This functionality provides a good basis for further development of the product and the updates will be available continually in the future.

For example, you will be able to see how your heart rate is in different zones in different phases of the exercise and be awarded points. This way you can compete both against yourself and against others and follow your own progression.

– Feeling that you are working out with others boosts your motivation and can enable you to push yourself a little extra. You get the social aspect of the training, at the same time as you do it at home on your own terms, says Øvregaard and concludes:

– You and your friends will eventually be able to see each other in the mirror via web cameras and in that way work out together. This makes it easier to achieve both personal and shared goals. We are working with more and more interactive elements that will be adapted to the different forms of exercise - many of which will be in place already during the year.