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Get tips on how to stay in shape through the summer

Prioritizing training can be difficult on warm, sunny days ideal for a cool bath. Get some good tips from our coach Camilla in addition to some easy time-efficient workouts you can do to stay in shape through the summer.

Published 30. June 2022 by Mentra by SATS

Fill the summer with joy of working out

Many people may want to put exercise on hold this summer and enjoy a long-awaited and relaxing holiday, but according to Mentra coach Camilla, it is important to remember that all physical activity contributes to a better quality of life.

Anything is better than nothing!

Get Camilla's best tips

Below Camilla gives her best tips on how you can easily squeeze in some physical activity during the holidays.

Mentra coach Camilla

Train together with friends

Imagine inviting a few friends to take a group workout class with you. Now imagine being able to do that with friends who are 5 or 500 kilometers away, and without meeting at a gym? With our newly launched feature "Train together", you can now invite your friends and family for your favorite workout. See each other and communicate via a two-way camera and experience the joy of working out with those you love!

Get a taste of the "Train together" feature here.

PS: did you know that in the Mentra app you can find over 750 engaging workouts? There you can choose from 3 minute workouts up to full weekly programs which allows you to choose the length of the exercise yourself.

3 workouts for a healthier body

In the videos below, we give you a taste of 3 short and effective workouts you can find in the Mentra app. And by the way: none of the classes require any exercise equipment!

Try Camilla's core workout "abs on fire" here.

Try Halat's yoga class "wake up mood booster" here.

Bring the fitness app with you on holiday

Having the Mentra app on your favorite devices allows you to take high-quality digital training with you everywhere - be it at the summer cabin, to the Mediterranean or at home. Imagine having such an accessible workout partner right in your pocket? It's luxury!

Mentra group workout

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