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The fitness app that made effective training available for Savina

For Savina Velkova Hellberg (33) workout has always had top priority, but after having given birth, the need for accessible and effective training has been more valued. Learn more about her experience with the fitness app from Mentra by SATS and what it has meant for her.

Published 2. June 2022 by Mentra by SATS

We meet Savina (33) and her daughter of 3 months in a cosy house at St.Hanshaugen in Oslo. Her everyday job is as Director of Product Management in Oda, but at present she's at home full time caring for her daughter.

Savina has always enjoyed leading an active life, and has been working out several times weekly over a long period, be it at bootcamp, running or group training outdoors. It was before and after pregnancy she realized the true benefit of a time-efficient, specific and accessible training offer - and it all changed with the fitness app from Mentra by SATS.

– A friend mentioned the Mentra app and informed me about training exercises specifically for before and after birth, so I decided to give it a try!

Savina working out with Mentra

A brand new workout experience

With training from Mentra, you get a completely new and interactive workout experience whenever and wherever you may be. For Savina, the experience has been positive and given her a new alternative in an otherwise hectic everyday life.

– There is a good selection of different types of workouts. I have enjoyed all the classes I have taken so far, and especially the coaches. The classes are easy to follow, even in languages ​​I do not speak.

And if Savina suddenly has to pause the workout or rewind to watch the exercise again, it's done in no time. She points out that the user-friendliness makes everything much easier.

– A really good feature is the rewind button, which takes you to the next or previous exercise. It's much easier than having to rewind 15 seconds yourself! It's very useful when you do not have much time and have to skip parts, or when you spend more time adjusting the workout equipment and want to start the previous exercise from the beginning.

Savina using the Mentra app

The fitness app that removes the time crunch

Being newly fledged mother demands more planning and organizing, and trying to make training fit in isn't always easy, Savina explains, adding:

– Having a little baby and a partner who works a lot, Mentra facilitates a spontaneous workout at home, when the baby is sleeping or playing on the floor. Having that opportunity means a lot!

In addition, she adds that the biggest advantage is the flexibility you have to work out when and where you want, as well as being able to pause/start when you want.

Available on all devices

The Mentra app allows you to stream any workout content on all your favorite devices, be it on your mobile, TV, iPad or PC. Still Savina has her very own favorite.

– I prefer training using my mobile. It's easy, and I can take my workout with me anywhere.

Savina doing Mentra exercises

Working out has neven been more varied

In addition to group training and running outside, the workouts from Mentra has become a perfect supplement for Savina. With over 800 workouts in, among other things, strength training, endurance, yoga and training before and after birth, Savina points out that there is plenty to choose from for every taste.

– The variety is good! I like strength training, pre- and postpartum and the barre classes. But if I had to choose a favorite, I really like the barre classes, even those that are for beginners.

A digital training offer that suits everyone

In the fitness app you will find classes for all levels, so you can always choose something that suits you and your physical level. With quality training just a few taps away, Savina points out that the Mentra app offers a training option for everyone - especially for those who feel the famous time crunch.

– People who do not have much time and who need the flexibility to train spontaneously will have great pleasure. If you are also good at motivating yourself and do not need the "environment" you get at a gym, the Mentra app will quickly become your best workout partner!

Savina working out with Mentra

Try the fitness app free for 14 days

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