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This is how Ida gets to work out in her micro-house

Thanks to an elegant mirror leaning against the wall Ida Frisch has achieved great training results crammed into a small space.

Published 21. December 2021 by Mentra by SATS

Rflex has reminded me of how good it feels to keep my body in shape.

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A corner table is neatly folded, a thriving avocado tree is pushed aside and a yoga mat is rolled out diagonally on the floor.

– I get sufficient space by just moving objects aside, Ida Frisch confirms.

Three years have elapsed since the worldly-wise Asker-born opted for settling in a micro-house in the Vestby snow-covered pine woods. The charming apartment was well-suited for Ida's new, hectic everyday-life of work and studies. It was, however, difficult maintain a high level of workout routines due to limited space and a full schedule.

The digital fitness mirror Rflex luckily offered her the perfect solution. At the glance the mirror from Mentra by SATS fits perfectly into the surroundings, but the polished surface hides a complex workout product. What we have here is an interactive mirror with touch-screen, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, camera and microphone.

Ida selects a particular exercise via the 43-inch touch-screen, and seconds later an instructor pops up in the mirror to guide her through an intense training program. In this manner Ida succeeds in making room for strength exercises and dance classes.

– My year has a very tight schedule with work and studies, leaving me very little spare time. Having Rflex has been truly wonderful. The doorstep- mile is less demanding with such a super helper at hand in your home, Ida explains.

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Rediscovered the joy of keeping your body fit

As she introduces herself to us, it is obvious that she is leading a very active life.

She chops her own wood outdoors for the fireplace, she does climbing and simply loves spending time outdoors. She's also very keen on yoga, for which she has taught at an earlier stage. But the 30-year-old confirms that she's no wokout fanatic.

She avoids gyms ("they make me feel small and unimportant"), she works out sporadically without any specific aim ("I'm just not that type") and the feel-good thing working out gives her, is sole motivating factor.

– I've never been a workout addict, but I have always loved moving my body.

She often develops a strange distance to exercises and activities that she is unfamiliar with at the gyms. While working out at home with Rflex without spectators, she finds it a lot easier to test out new and exciting exercises without having to worry about what people might think. 

– That's the main reason why I love this mirror. It has been a constant reminder of how fond I am of using my body. Knowing there weren't any audience, I realised how much fun moving my body was and how good it felt!


"Female power" and professional coaches

To a self-proclaimed yoga girl it should come as no surprise what is most tempting to choose considering the countless exercises available through Rflex.

– I love the ashtanga yoga. It's physically long-lasting and demanding, but without being too complicated, she explains.

After purchasing Rflex she has also plucked up courage to try out new activities such as a hip hop course called Female Power - something she had never dared to try at a gym.

– The instructors here are both very skilled and including. I really love that!

She starts a Female Power class just to demonstrate. We watch her coach Mikaela talking to Ida guiding her through her class step by step. Should she miss a move, she can only press the rewind button on the mirror.

– Imagine having instructors so close at hand! This is pedagogically and technologically cutting edge, says Ida while "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani plays in the background.

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Taking online training to a new level

The mirror's selections and functions are being constantly improved. In the future this will enhance live group classes with others via WiFi and the incorporated camera.

Ida feels that Mentra by SATS has already taken at-home training to a whole new level with Rflex.

– Watching a traditional training video online, often only a few explain what to do next. With Rflex someone has planned the entire session, including knowledge about your whole body. It's incredibly user-friendly, Ida admits adding: 

– You can always do yoga on YouTube, but this is truly the next level. With Rflex you get the quality of a gym in your living-room.

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