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Train outdoors with professional guidance

Are you unsure about what to exercise outdoors? With the Mentra by SATS app, you can work out whenever - wherever, and with professional guidance just a few taps away. Get the inspiration you need to train outdoors, at home, or on vacation this fall.

Published 5. May 2022 by Mentra by SATS

– How about getting outdoors after a long day at work or in school to set your body in real motion? That would be like killing two birds with one stone! Research shows that outdoors workout and activity, be it alone or in good company, increases your sense of happiness  and well-being, and makes it more likely that you'll go on being physically active, says Mentra coach Shora Jahromi.

A great number of us spend a lot of the day indoors, and quite a few feel the mounting pressure of just packing your training bag for work-out at your local gym. Training outdoors or at home can be easily done, is time-efficient and can give you some free time when needed. In addition, it can be a social and enjoyable activity you can do with friends and family.

Mentra coach Shora

How to train varied outdoors?

You may find it difficult to plan an outdoor workout or you find it boring to repeat the same training activity over and over again? You may even feel working out too time-consuming in a hectic weekly schedule? But not any more: With the new fitness app from Mentra by SATS top quality training has never been more accessible, social and efficient.

Train together with friends

Imagine inviting a few friends to take a group workout class with you. Now imagine being able to do that with friends who are 5 or 500 kilometers away, and without meeting at a gym? With our newly launched feature "Train together", you can now invite your friends and family to join your favorite workout. See each other and communicate via a two-way camera and experience the joy of working out with those you love!

Get a taste of the "Train together" feature here.

Over 700 workouts right in your pocket

With the Mentra app you get access to a world of workouts within strength, cardio, running, yoga, mobility and much more - available whenever it suits you.

What about giving Elin Kjos' strength class "Total bodyweight workout" a try, perfect to do outside in the sun - or maybe you and your friends would like to really sweat it out with Shora's HIIT-class "Full body build & burn"? Are you rather looking for a relaxing yoga session to do in the park? Then Halat's "Gentle flow" class might be perfect for real relaxation. With the Mentra app, anything is possible - go searching or do what suits you best!

Get a taste of Mentra training

In the videos below, you get a sneak peek of Elin, Shora and Halat's classes - perfect to take outdoors or to do at home.

Elin's "Total bodyweight workout"

Shora's "Full body build & burn"

Halat's "Gentle flow"

The fitness app that suits everyone

In the app you will find workouts from 3 minutes to complete workout programs, designed to meet specific goals. With classes from beginner to advanced, you will always find something that suits you and your level.

High quality training ready when you are

One of the things that sets the Mentra by SATS app apart from other digital training content is its high quality. Here you do not have to scroll for hours to find something that suits you. All our coaches are hand-picked, and there are different types of profiles for every taste, says Nada, content manager at Mentra.

With the Mentra app, you also get access to trainers and instructors you usually only meet at certain gyms.

– For example, you can work out with one of the most popular PTs in Oslo or Stockholm outdoors, whether it's in the park or in your garden. It's luxury!

The perfect workout partner

With hundreds of workouts, customized training programs and hand-picked coaches, all in one place, you can take the Mentra app with you everywhere. And by the way: it takes up very little space! Professional guidance so easily accessible, makes the Mentra app the ultimate workout partner.

outdoor training with mentra

Download the app and get a 14-day free trial

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