For Stig Olav and his family the Rflex fitness mirror has made the everyday life more social and fun

In the Rognstad family Stig Olav does cycling and running, while his children do cheerleading and cross country skiing. But with the Rflex fitness mirror in their home they also have time for fun workout together.

Published 7. December 2021 by Mentra by SATS

It's the perfect way to squeeze in a workout.

– Stig Olav Rognstad (49)

He's just about to roll out the exercise mat on the living-room floor as we meet up with him at home at Sørbråten in Oslo before noon on a Friday.

It's almost time for lunch and Stig Olav who works as the general manager of the IT company Vikr and today sits in his home office, enjoys spending his lunch break doing a quick workout. 

– Today is yoga day, explains Stig Olav as he's ready on the mat.


Leaning against the wall is the new Rflex fitness mirror signed Mentra by SATS, an interactive mirror with touch-screen, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, camera and microphone.

On the screen Stig Olav can watch both himself and his instructor simultaneously in full-figure and according to the 49-year-old it gives you the impression of having your personal trainer there in your very own living-room. You can also participate in live workout classes with others if you want.

Stig Olav stretches his arms to one side and readies himself with a warrior pose on the mat.

– I'm very fond of instructor Halat's yoga classes . She's both competent and precise, says a very focused Stig Olav.


The fresh yoga enthusiast has always loved being active and has so far done handball, cross-country and ice hockey. Later years has seen him take on running and cycling but a prolapse necessitated adding new forms of training such as strength and yoga, which led to Rflex.

– I believe there are more stiff men like me fearing group yoga classes. With Rflex, however, I can do yoga with a professional instructor at my place, without having to worry about how I look or compare myself to the levels of others, Stig Olav says.

He believes Rflex offers new ways of working out and makes it easier to try anything new.

– But I never press the category involving dance, he admits laughing.


An active family

Like Stig Olav the rest of his family also enjoys being active and having Nordmarka close at hand is just perfect. For both Stig Olav and his wife Lene Lundblad (45) hunting and collecting mushrooms take up much time with their two dogs Otto and Pluto. For his son Ola (13) cross-country is the in-thing while his daughter Tuva (11) prefers cheerleading.

Once a week they all go cycling although the calendar is usually full of activities on each side.

– To us Rfex can never replace being outdoors or working out at a gym, but having the Rflex enables us to do some workout together, Stig Olav explains.

As he has an all-inclusive SATS-membership, his family has free access to all Rflex training programmes. An ordinary SATS membership costs 199 kr a month or 349 kr monthly for non-members. The mirror can be purchased for a total of €699.

Stig&Tuva with Rflex

Fun to workout together

Through Rflex you obtain access to Mentra's world of workouts, which consists of hundreds of classes including cardio, strength, dance and yoga. In addition there are programmes focusing on mobility, stretching out before and after training. For the Rognstad family it's perfect that the training programmes have shorter classes of only 10 to 15 minutes.

– Some times we manage to work out while waiting for dinner to be ready, which is very practical, says Stig Olav, and adds:

– As we live a bit far from the nearest gym, it's fine to have at-home training at hand.

Daughter Tuva nodds in agreement. Several times each week she has to travel to Mortensrud on the other side of town for cheerleading practice. It's therefore good to have training possibility at home. 

– I use the mirror two to three times a week, normally focusing on balance and stretching out. But working out with daddy and Ola is extra fun, Tuva says.


Both she and her big brother can hardly wait to get started once they return from school this Friday, before joining their father's yoga class.

The trio has had numerous workouts together, but when the children decide to continue with a dance class, daddy wrinkles his nose.

– Why don't you give it a try, Tuva suggests, ready to go on the mat.

And all of a sudden, her father is standing next to her, doing what the instructor tells them in the mirror.

– Well, no need to be afraid of trying out something new. Maybe I find out that dancing is truly great fun!

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