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Read how Gabrielle gets her workouts in as a single mom

Published 27. October 2021 by Lars Lima

I feel confident that this mirror is the future.

Gabrielle (36) has acquired Rflex fitness mirror:

As newly fledged mother, head of marketing in a big company and head of redecorating for her new apartment it wasn't easy for Gabrielle Silsand to find time for training until she discovered the fitness mirror.

– As a single mother you don't get out that easily, Gabrielle Silsand (36) confirms.

We meet her in a recently refurbished flat in Fagerborg to which she and her 7-month-old daughter Hedwig have just moved. 

Against the wall in the living room is a full-size mirror. It's not just any mirror: Gabrielle has purchased Rflex - an interactive fitness mirror with a 43 inch touchscreen, Blutooth, Wi-Fi, camera and microphone signed Mentra by SATS. 

The screen allows watching your coach and yourself simultaneously so that you can do each exercise to perfection. It gives you the feeling of constantly having a personal trainer at home, if we are to believe those praising the mirror in social media.

– When I discovered the mirror through an acquaintance who published it on Instagram, I was simply taken aback, Gabrielle says. 

– I had to try this!

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Caught in the all familiar issue of lack of time

Gabrielle has always loved working out. For years she showed up regularly at the gym at 6 a.m. in order to squeeze in some exercising to get an energy boost before work. But then Hedwig came.

– I was suddenly caught up in the all familiar issue of lack of time.

– Hedwig demands a lot of attention all day long so in order to go to the gym I had to do a lot of reorganizing in advance to get friends and family members to look after.

The 36-year-old then set up a room for at home training. She bought the required equipment and then joined workout groups online. It worked fairly well, but it was far from satisfactory, Gabrielle tells us.

– I was flat on the floor with my Mac winding and rewinding to see what the instructor was doing, she explains.

– Then it started bothering me to place Hedwig in front of the TV all the time.

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Better than any online training

All problems connected with at home training vanished instantly the moment Gabrielle got Rflex in her living-room.

– It was a mind-boggling experience! Working out with Rflex seemed less complicated and more real than any online training thus far, Gabrielle says.

– A person is in front of you there on the screen at the same time as you're watching yourself to check if you do things right. It enables you to stay focused and enhances your motivation. And while exercising, Hedwig is lying on the floor watching. For her it is as if we're sort of playing.

In the mirror there are countless training programmes covering various categories such as yoga, strength, cardio and dance.

Gabrielle is now about to start a 7 day training program with a new class every day to improve different muscle groups such as legs, glutes and abs. 

She finds it good that many classes are short and thus fit easily in in the course of the day.

– Many exercises last for about 15 minutes. In the morning I do a quick workout and if I see Hedwig enjoying herself in her chair I usually squeeze in 10 more minutes. Then an ok workout is completed. In this manner I can save a lot of time!

Gabrielle touching Rflex

No need to go to the gym

The mirror has enabled Gabrielle to work out as she wants, whenever she wants - without having to actively seek out a gym. Even cardio training is covered with the HIIT classes.

– Having the mirror there constantly makes a quick, spontaneous workout possible. It's a sort of reminder: you've got to get going.

Rflex training programs cost 349 kr a month or if you're a SATS member 199 kr. If you have an all-inclusive SATS membership, the content is free. The mirror can be bought for a total of €1199.

Membership includes the use of five different accounts and soon it will be possible to participate in live workout classes in which many can be motivated by other participants by exchanging "shoutouts" and emojis. In this way you can compete via heart rate monitor against other participants on a leaderboard.

Another function in the pipeline is the possibility to work out one-to-one with a PT through a two-way camera. 

Gabrielle feels confident that this type of training is here to stay simply because it enables you to work out more easily through a hectic day.

– This is certainly the future. To me it has been a true must-have. I can exercise every day, even while taking care of Hedwig. To me, it's a no-brainer!

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