Check out how Savera gets to work out in her everyday life

With a tight schedule, cold mornings and confusing restrictions, Savera Faridoon chose to bring the gym home to her living room instead. After a few months with the Rflex fitness mirror, her workouts are now more varied than ever.

Published 4. January 2022 by Mentra by SATS

In the apartment on Kungsholmen in Stockholm, Savera Faridoon and her partner have not yet got everything up on the walls. A couple of months after moving in, there's still a moving box in the corner of the workspace.

With a job at one of Stockholm's largest fintech companies, the days will be long and intense. But in a hectic day, the stylish full-length mirror in the living room can actually provide some long-awaited relaxation.

It's not just a piece of designer furniture with sober Nordic lines. Savera points, scrolls and swipes through the menus - then settles down on a yoga mat in front of the mirror to start her day with a breathing session with a coach.


Digital training at home

It is Mentra by SATS that with its new digital concept has developed the interactive fitness mirror Rflex - a solid piece that, behind the shiny surface, contains a platform with hundreds of workouts and weekly programs, both on-demand and live.

For Savera Faridoon, Rflex has changed a lot.

– It's a great way to fit exercise into my daily routine, especially if I have long days or when it's too cold to go to the gym directly in the morning. When you always have a gym instructor in the living room, there really is no excuse anymore. I either go early in the morning or when I get home from work. And if I work from home, there's always time for a short lunch session.

The breathing exercises are followed by a yoga class with a recorded coach. During the winter, she is testing a bootcamp program with six classes to give her whole body a run-through.

Savera-10 using Rflex

Exercise can change your whole day

Savera takes her health seriously, and refers, among other things, to Robin Sharma's popular book 5 am Club, with the subtitle "Own your morning. Elevate your life". The principle is simple to understand but for many difficult to implement: get up at 5am and invest 20 minutes in physical exercise, 20 minutes in reflection and 20 minutes in planning.

– I like that philosophy. Starting the day with a calmer workout can change my whole day. I think it gives me a whole new level of calm and focus. I prefer to do strength workouts in the evenings, and I have a rubber band that I use for some sessions. Then the reps are counted down on the screen, which is very convenient.

Although the convenience and accessibility is obvious, Savera believes that the very best thing about Rflex has been the opportunity for variety.

– I love this kind of digital smartness, and I've never actually trained as varied as I do now - scrolling through all the workouts inspires me to try new things. The mirror also gives you a better posture and makes you think about how you do the movements. Then it doesn't hurt that it looks great when it's off, too.

Savera-09 yoga

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